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Hold on to your butts!

*Does anyone recognize the line I stole for the title of this post, or know what actor said it in what movie?*

As I type this, the skies are getting darker and darker, the clouds look ominous, and I hear the distant rumble of thunder.

While it isn’t expected to be as bad as what Alabama experienced (hope you’re still safe “Bob&Llarry”), what’s coming ain’t no simple rain shower!


Joy and horror… all in 5 minutes

Last night, as I was coming home from an exhausting day at the office, I decided to swing by the grocery store to grab some lettuce. (The Hubster was getting home sooner than me and already had instructions on how to poach the chicken I’d defrosted.)

As I spun through the produce section, I realized that I wanted to see if this store was one of the ones to sell the new gluten-free cookies from my favorite Philadelphia bakery — Tastykake.



Dreaming of a make-over

During a break from editing today, I flipped through my latest copy of Southern Living (thanks again, Jilly! I lurv that magazine!), and promptly swooned at the images of bright, sunwashed kitchens with white cabinets and wood countertops. And once again, I began tearing out the umpteenth inspiration page for my idea book.


I think it may be time to **DO** something about this fascination!

So… this is what I currently have:

Time to play…


Feeling like Laura Ingalls Wilder

Okay… so… we weren’t trekking across the plains in a covered wagon or living in a lean-to/dug-out house or anything…

But we did lose power due to the ice storm, which meant we had no heat, no hot water, no insta-hot tap, no microwave, etc. (Though, thanks to the hot flash I woke up with, I had no idea about the “no heat” part until I heard The Hubster’s teeth chattering as he lay in our bed in his robe under a very thick comforter.)

Luckily, it was Post Shot Day: the day that The Hubster was responsible for getting The Boy off to school since I’m usually quite sick the morning after I take my MS meds shot . (Hey, maybe it was a true fever from the meds and not a hot flash….)

And Post Shot Day gives me some extra sleep after they leave the house, which usually gets me through the worst of the side effects. But when I woke up a few hours later and assumed our electric company would’ve gotten their act together, I heard my growly tummy and no sound from the furnace. It was then that I realized — to my horror — that I was suddenly thrown back into the 1800′s, and not in a good “my-dad-looks-like-Michael-Landon” way.

I had no way to make coffee… no way to make breakfast… and nothing to occupy my little mind.