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There’s no place like the best-seller lists!

If you’ve been reading The Sublurbs since earlier this summer, you will know that my sister finaled in RWA’s 2009 Golden Heart competition. The fabulous ladies who finaled called themselves the Ruby-slipper Sisters and were a great support to each other through a rather exciting, exhausting, and grueling several months.

Now they’re interested in sharing their experience with the Wider World.

The Ruby-slippered Sisterhood

Check out their new blog: The Ruby-slippered Sisterhood


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Latest organization project

We got the kitchen totally gluten-free and, in the process, nicely organized. Now it’s time to attack the pantry.

One of the great things about this house is that it has a large basement. One section of it is a decent-sized pantry — it allows me to buy things in bulk and save tons of money, while always having a great supply of staple items on hand. I repurposed some old bookshelves to house much of our canned goods and then invested in large acrylic totes to keep the mice out of the rest. (Damned mice! I hate them almost as much as I hate malware programmers!)

I also have a full-size, stand-up freezer in the basement — and that’s a blessing since so many GF products are best kept frozen. However, since it’s not well-organized at the moment, it has quickly become an unusable jumble.

So, it was with interest that I saw this article in the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine:

BHG's Big Chill article

Now, I realize that this is a highly stylized version of how one can maximize the space in a big freezer, but I still think it’s something I need to take on in a fashion that makes sense for our needs. Plus, I know there are gluten-containing items in there that need to go.

Thus… my project for Tuesday.

I’m going to go through it all first and determine what needs to go and what can stay. Then I’ll inventory what I’ll be keeping and figure out what storage compartments I’ll need… and that means a shopping trip to Target or the Dollar Store.

More soon!

As a little aside comment — I have to say that the Better Homes and Gardens website is particularly hard to navigate. It keeps popping me out to their subsidiary websites and then it’s hard to find my way back to what I was looking for. And I still haven’t found the article on the freezer organization.

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