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It’s a challenge touring like this…

Kdubs is one wicked-smart, interesting, driven, kind, caring, and generous person. But, I’d like to focus on the “driven” today — due to the fact that yesterday was the day of the trip that Kdubs, ShaSha and Heather were taking on the Ultimate Magic Kingdom quest. Which, for those (like me) who’ve never heard of it, is described as being “a touring plan designed to see every attraction, show, parade and live performance in the Magic Kingdom in one day.”

The current record for a complete tour of the Magic Kingdom is 52 unique attractions, completed in 11 hours, 15 minutes.

Kdubs hopes to blow that out of the water and even “plus” it with the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party doings afterwards. Her name is gonna be up on that webpage if it kills her.

Or ShaSha.
Or Heather.
Or any children and old ladies who get in her way.

The months of planning took, as you can see from the above snapshot of her “Big Ass Spreadsheet,” some serious thought. I think there has also been visualization, dreaming, replanning, and worrying. But Kdbus won’t really talk to me about that as she’s well aware that such things make my eyes glaze over.

I’m so not the type to take part in quests — no one who needs to use a rest room on a regular basis could be. According to the spreadsheet, there aren’t enough stops factored in for someone who is a card-carrying member of the Bladder Buddy Club.

No, no… Jilly and I will be joining in sporadically… whenever it doesn’t interfere with our plans to chat aimlessly, sit on benches, or enjoy a frosty beverage or three during a quick monorail resort lounge crawl. If we had to hurry, we might spill our drinks, and that would be a sorry shame.

Oh, we do promise to take blurry pictures of the gang as they zip across the park in front of us — we might even toss them a bottle of water when they look like they are about to drop from heat exhaustion.

But, I’m not giving up that third spin through It’s a Small World. I mean, if I don’t get in a boat and complain loudly about that blasted white room bagpiper, Disney will never know that he’s a full measure behind the other musicians!

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