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Being kind to my favorite kitchen tools – Part 1

Today was the day… I’d left it go long enough. I was going to sharpen my knives! But, in getting ready to pull out my grinder, I took a good look at my cutting board and realized it needed some help too — it was dry as the Sahara. It has been about as long since I oiled my cutting board as since I’d sharpened my knives… and that was bad. That needed to be rectified right away.

Especially as I’m making a special dinner tonight to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and that would require much chopping of veggies.

So, first things first, I needed to scrub the whole area, including the piece of rubber shelf liner I use to keep the main cutting board stable and slip-proof.

I got a big roll of this stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $3 and can cut myself a new piece whenever it gets gross.

Having a slip-proof cutting surface is the #2 rule of knife safety — and I’ll deal with the #1 rule tomorrow.