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My techo-geek guys

When I was first pregnant, I really, really wanted a girl. I guess it was because I’d had such a great relationship with my mom, that I wanted the same thing with my own daughter. When I found out The Boy was going to be a boy, I had to do a little adjusting to the idea.

But… in the fourteen years since, I’ve discovered just how danged FUN it can be to have a son. Plus, I’ve gotten to watch my husband have the bestest time geeking out with The Boy. They’ve built birdhouses together, delved into robotics, pelted each other with marshmallow shooters, and devoured the Dangerous Book for Boys.

So, when my bosses discovered an old laptop projector during their big clean-out last week, and asked if I wanted it (or knew how to recycle it), I told them I’d handle it.

‘Cause I knew my guys would do SOMETHING with it. :)