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Working on 2 hours sleep…

… and dragging a wagon full of guilt around to boot!

The sleep-deprivation is due to 1) a bad case of poison ivy, and 2) a sick dog.

See, I’d wrangled The Boy into helping clear the final section of the yard to be cleaned out and landscaped. Unfortunately, despite being warned that this section is the one spot in the entire yard where I’ve run into poison ivy, The Boy refused to take my advice that he should change out of his shorts and sleeveless t-shirt to do the job — saying he “wanted a tan.”

Instead of a tan, he got a massive case of poison ivy across his legs, arms and torso.

Which resulted in a trip to the doctor’s yesterday to get the poor, puffy, itchy kid on some steroids to help calm down the reaction.

Which resulted in craaaazy blood sugars.

Which resulted in me having to get out the glucometer every two hours last night to check him, do corrections, and watch for the dreaded ketones.

Which means I’m an ornery bugger today.

Add to that the fact that Treelo has not been good, health-wise, for a few weeks. He suddenly dropped quite a lot of weight — something a skinny dog like him can’t afford to do. Monday night, he started hacking like he had a case of “kennel cough.” But he hasn’t been near any strange dogs for quite a while, so I don’t think that’s it. Anyway, he has a vet appointment at 5:30 today… and I’m terrified that 1) it’s going to cost us an arm and a leg, jeopardizing the budget of our Westward Ho trip, and 2) that it’s something really, really bad.

So, please send good thoughts and pixies to our little fam damily. We need to stop itching, stop swelling, stop hacking, and get some sleep.

After all, tomorrow is The Boy’s promotion ceremony from middle school to high school, and I’m gonna need all the mental toughness I can muster to get through that.

PS – How can I be the mother of a high schooler?! HOW?!