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On the road again!

The Hubster here!

Dateline: Ohio

We had to drive deep into the night, past our normal edge-of-PA waypoint to find a room in Ohio. West Virginia remains in the “unslept-in” column and was merely hills in the dark.

Sleeping in was the order of the day but we’re back on the road again, headed for our long lost beloved friends on the west coast of Ohio.

We soaked up the local culture at the Walmart Supercenter. Charmingly, Eastern Ohioans seem to eat many of the same things as we do back in the Far East, but their young men don’t appear to have waist sizes between 18″ and 34″. A suitable belt and swimsuit were secured nonetheless to replace the ones-you-were-told-to-pack-in-the-first-place.

Please note the trendsetting fashion statement by The Boy, a porkpie hat hand woven by Authentic Eastern Walmart Ohioans.


The Hubster and Gang

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