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Phew… that’s done!

I think I mentioned it before, but I’ve been very busy judging submissions for the Golden Pen contest (it’s the one that preps authors who wish to enter the Golden Heart contest run by RWA National.)

I finished reading and commenting on the three submissions today, and–although it was an interesting and rewarding exercise–I’m glad to be done. They helped crystalize for me what’s problematic with my own writing. And being a judge showed me just how far I’ve come as a writer over the past year or so.

Hopefully, the authors will take my well-intentioned comments to heart, and not brand me the “East German Judge.”

And… fingers crossed… the three judges who will be reading/have read my submission were kind and constructive in their critiques.

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Boys and their toys

… or should I say “projects.”

The Boy has been drooling over The Dangerous Book for Boys for a loooooong time. One of the prime projects he wanted to attack was building a go cart. When The Hubster stumbled across some official Soap Derby wheels at a yard sale, the build schedule went into overdrive.

After making a survey of what they could find in the garage — including a trash-picked lawn mower — they realized they had all they needed to make the cart, without having to go to the hardware store!


The Bermuda Triangle

No… I didn’t fall into the Triangle at the end of last week… and it doesn’t explain why I went missing after posting my 500th blog update. (Yay for me — 500!) I simply got busy with work and writing and judging and dog care and car issues, and… well… “life” does seem to be all-consuming at times!

Anyway, I’m back in the saddle today and trying to get tons done. One project is to get rid of some large pieces of furniture that The Boy decided no longer needed to be in his bedroom. (He did a big purge and clean last weekend, and we have tons of toys and puppets to donate to a local pre-school!)

So… after checking with friends & family, we put the furniture out at our own personal Bermuda Triangle.

For some reason, if we put anything out on the grassy area near our street, some enterprising soul will grab it and haul it away to use in their house!


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The costs are “adding up”

When The Boy started high school last week, one of the things I anticipated was a significant drop in the costs associated with having to bring in magic markers, glue, Purel, tissues, pencils, 3×5 cards, and all the other odd items that elementary and middle school teachers request to supplement their meager classroom budgets.

And, since we’d bought The Boy a calculator for Algebra last year, I figured I was golden for this year.