Boy’s bento (#7)

My son had the state’s standardized testing today and was let out early, so no need for a packed bento this morning.

Since he’s always bemoaning the fact that the school cafeteria is problematic for the timing of insulin shots and he can’t get a hot meal, he requested a freshly made lunch he can only get at home.

Hmmmm…. sounds like it’s time to try my hand at octo-dogs!

These were amazingly easy and fun to make. Just zip, zip, zip and dunk dunk dunk… and TA DAAAAH!

I tossed in some cherry tomatoes (even though my son hates tomatoes) and sliced some green peppers up to be seaweed. I had to move fast as CJ was practically eating out of the bowl before I had given him his insulin.

Alas, the tomatoes were not eaten, but everything else was. And he LOVED the octo-dogs — he said he doesn’t want them in a school lunch, but he’d love them any other time.

With the noodles in cream sauce and a bowl of ice cream, the meal was 80 carbs.
The noodles have gluten in them, but the brand of hot dogs my family prefers do not! Yay!


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5 Responses
  1. Chrissi says:

    I love the whole octo-lunch! If timing is an issue for hot lunch at school, CJ might enjoy a big manly thermos or food jar. I love the whole lunch kit at , but the thermos is nice and plain sans characters.

    About 2/3 of the way down the page is a generic-looking, teen-friendly stainless steel, thermos/food jar. It only holds 12 oz., but you can cram a lot of nutrition into a soup made with dense things like beans, lentils, and sausage.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my HECK, Eileen! That is too cute!

    I sat down with Emilie today and talked about bentos and showed her some pictures . . . she is open to “trying” it, so I am going to attempt my first one tomorrow with a shallow lock-and-lock and a couple of tiny lock-and-locks for the “extras”. She helped me shop for “stuff” to put in, so I am hoping she eats it. haha

    Fingers crossed that it goes over well . . . and that I don’t make it too much of a mess. haha

  3. Eileen says:

    I have actually bought one of the Thermos Brand stainless steel containers and we’re going to try it out soon.

    But he doesn’t want to have octo-dogs at school (yet)…

  4. Antonio says:


    If you son has Celiac disease, can he eat the noodles. My son has Celiac and is also a diabetic, and we were told he cannot have regular noodles.

  5. Eileen says:

    My son is a “likely” Celiac, but we haven’t finished all of the testing yet. They want him to continue to eat gluten-containing foods until they do the endoscopy.

    So, yes… the noodles have gluten in them. (I’m noting what part of his bento has gluten in them for the time being. Once we have the official diagnosis, there won’t be any gluten-containing foods included.)

    At that point, though, I’ll be using alternative items to replace the foods he loves. He’s already tried some of the GF noodles and thought they were good — so, we’ve got that going for us…. which is nice.