Oh tannenbaum…

I had to torture The Hubster to do it, but our Christmas tree is up!

And it involved stringing the lights once, only to find that The Boy hadn’t spaced them properly. Once again with the stringing, only to find that it was popping fuses. Out I ran to various stores for a couple of hours trying to hunt the elusive replacement fuses. As an “ace in my back pocket,” I listened to the sage advice of The Hubster and bought four sets of the new LED lights, just in case.

Which turned out to be a brilliant idea, as the new fuses kept blowing too — making my dear, darling, even-tempered husband mutter things that are decidedly un-Christmas-like.


As you could probably guess, there is a great deal of Disney stuff on our tree.

I loved this whole promotion they had at Disney a few years ago — of the snowman with the Mickey ears. A-dorable!

Our collection of Christmas Disneyana started with this one — given to us by our “Mousekeeper” during our honeymoon twenty years ago (back before I went Disney crazy)

The funny thing is, I remember the stories of when I bought each of these… who I was with, what trip it was, etc. (In fact, I know how we got each and every ornament that goes on our tree!)

This one was from (obviously) 2006, when I went on a Grand Gathering with my siblings, their families, and Mom-mom & Pop-pop. It was supposedly to celebrate my 40th birthday together, but I had high hopes I’d turn them all into Disney converts.

But the tree is hardly “all Disney.” There are some Cubs items too!

And there’s alot of family stuff.

The little red horn is part of a set I got for our very first Christmas tree. The one up high with the horizontal stripes was saved from the box of old Christmas ornaments that used to go on trees in my childhood.

In fact, the tree is full of memories — as, in my opinion, it should be.

My ornaments sit cheek-by-jowl, covered in tinsel and glittering in the lights.

And it makes me stare at it from the couch for hours and hours.

Just like my mom did with her trees.

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8 Responses
  1. kdubs says:

    Possibly my favorite post of yours EVER! ;) But, where oh where is the big panoramic shot of the tree in all of its glittering glory? Or is it simply too big to get in one shot? (On behalf of Zman and TheBoy… that’s what she said)

  2. Tricia says:

    I am jealous. I only have room for a very small tree so most of my ornaments are in storage. I love your tree. Can I join the begging for a shot of the whole tree?

  3. Eileen says:

    I’ll be showing more of the tree and our house decorations over the next stretch of time. And… tada! TheHubster worked his magic again this year and made a fun video of the decoratin’ (and the lighting, re-lighting, and re-re-lighting) of the tree!

    Oh… and Kdubs? Didja notice the San Francisco ornament of yours? (I gave it a little smooch before I put it on the branch!)

  4. LeeCee says:

    Oh, hurray, the tree!!!

    I remember that ornament from our childhood tree! I have one that I put on mine. I wonder what happened to all the rest??

    And that ornament in the first picture is one I bought for you in Ohio–from a store that sold fair-trade crafts from around the world (I believe that one is from El Salvador…we have a ton of them for our tree, and the sweetest nativity sets).

    Are you liking the LED lights?? I know they’re more environmentally correct that the old kind, though I tried some on our tree a couple years ago and they seemed glaring…maybe they’re better now (or maybe somebody needs to frost the glass or something).

    We can’t put up our tree until we get out of school…can’t wait!

  5. Eileen says:

    LeeCee — I should’ve mentioned the angel (I think we have four of them, plus the two big ones and the nativity set you gave us. They are always treasured!

    The LED lights have odd colors, like a bright purple and a greenish yellow. But the blue and red are great, They now have a “pinecone” bulb covering that seems to lessen the harshness. I just have to replace the purples with white bulbs (and maybe some other colors) until I’m happy.

    Even though they are reported to only cost $1 to run each season, they were pricey as an up-front investment ($18 as opposed to $6 for old incandescents), I find I’m having to do alot of “adjusting” to them emotionally.)

    And they don’t blink. :(

  6. Joanie Balonie says:

    Sigh. You’ve got a tree up. I have nary a decoration out. And a crick in my neck, which makes bringing boxes up from the basement not really any fun.

    I love the old ornaments. And each ornament should have a story about why it’s on the tree.

    And I love the “that’s what she said”.

  7. Heidi says:

    Lovely post, Eileen! And the photos are gorgeous!

  8. Lesley says:

    I’m another believer in a tree being full of memories – and so is Tom. It was so fun decorating “our” tree this year and sharing the history behind the ornaments. Now if only the tree was bigger…….